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Why Two is Better than One

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When does it makes sense to have two photographers vs. one?

This weekend when we were up visiting our friends in Ohio
and somewhere between the frisbee & amazing food we managed to take a few
shots of their adorable kids. Chris (Dad) joined us and we had a mini-paparazzi
team going around the backyard. With a different lens each (50mm 1.4f, 35mm 2.0f
& 70-200mm 2.8f for you techies out there) we each nailed some really great

So lesson here is that the more photographers the better the
creativity, angles, lenses and ultimately the photos will be.

P.S Special thanks to Chris Martin (videographer extraordinaire) for the shot with Reilly
running through the water and the shots of us shooting… proving why the lens is more important than the
camera. Baby Gweyn & Riley for being so cute, and Shelly for the amazing
food (as always).

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